For The(e) Beauty provides pictures of nature and Spiritual Reflections on the Beauty of Creation that lead us to thanksgiving and praise of our wonderfully mysterious Creator.

Author Breanna Mekuly currently serves as a University Minister at a small Catholic University in Milwaukee, WI. She graduated with a Masters in Theological Studies (MTS) from Vanderbilt Divinity School in 2014 where she had the wonderful experience of meeting all sorts of creative people who sought to seek the deeper meaning of life. Breanna is committed to asking spiritual questions such as: “Who are we?” “Who do we want to be?” “To whom do we belong?” and “What ought we to do with our lives?” She asks these questions with students, encouraging them to grow into their fullest selves, while also asking them within her own heart, wondering what it is she can give to the world and how she can best find inner peace. Breanna is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys taking her dog, Snoop, for multiple walks per day to explore the beauty of the everyday that surrounds her.

Breanna and her dog, Snoop, enjoying the outdoors.
Breanna and her dog, Snoop, enjoying the outdoors.

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