Prohibited Places

Following your heart may take you to places once prohibited.

Have you ever been told ‘no’? That something isn’t right for you? Have you found yourself within imaginary boundaries, holding you back from something you’d like to explore because maybe it doesn’t fit with others’ expectations of who you ought to be, how you ought to act?

Oh, the cultural and societal and familial restrictions that surround us can be overwhelming when we begin to awake from routine and observe the deep desire within our own hearts to stretch outwards, to journey into uncharted territories, to go somewhere yet unknown.

Listening to these deep desires is unique. These desires aren’t based upon our sudden wants or frustrations; rather, they exemplify the ever-occurring tug, like a magnetic force, that pulls us toward that something, whatever it is, that our innermost selves deeply desire.

So what it is that you want? What are you being called toward?What dreams have you kept hidden?

If we are to truly live, to grow into our fullest potential, we must stay true to our heart, our conscience, our Deepest Truth within us.

Venturing into Prohibited Places.

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