The In-Between Moments

Too often we spend our lives rushing from one place to another, from one thing to the next. We all have long lists of things to do.

First we have this, then that, and, if we can squeeze it in, maybe something else. But what happens in the in-between moments? When we’re driving from home to work or resting after dinner awaiting bedtime, what are we thinking? How do we pass our time?

Do we distract ourselves with gadgets or sounds? Do we busy our minds with things other than our own thoughts? And if so, how do theses things help us? Do they add value to our lives? Do they serve a purpose in the continuation of our existence, in the continuation of our growth?

What makes our life meaningful? It can’t just be the things we schedule to do. It must also be that we find rest and truth and beauty in the in-between.

So what then allows us to see truth and beauty? What, in our daily lives, in the most mundane of times, in the in-between of this and that,¬†challenges us to grow into our fullest selves? And when do we take the time to just rest peacefully in the in-between? To know that this time needn’t be filled with useless distractions but that which we really love?

When is the last time you sat in a rocking chair and just rocked the morning away?




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