Are We Spiritually Awake?

Sometimes in life we beg for signs to show us the way. We ask the Spirit of the world for help or guidance to move us into the direction of understanding.

What is it I am supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go? Whom am I supposed to be with, spend my time around? How can I grow into my best self? 

In some sort of desperate cry, to God, to ourselves, to the world around us, we beg to receive some sort of sign that will lead us toward happiness, fulfillment, peace, joy, love. But when we ask for these, how often are we able to truly receive the signs sent our direction? How often do we set expectations for how the signs will come to us and what they will be like? And how often do we overlook signs because they make us feel uncomfortable or show up in places unexpected or come through the “wrong” person? How often do we overlook signs because they are not what we were hoping for?  

So when we ask for signs, we must also take up our responsibility: to be spiritually awake, to be fully present to and observant of the world around us, to be open to whatever it is we may receive with gratitude for the response to our call. Only if we do our part will these signs really impact us and help to lead us toward fulfillment.

So let us practice patience. And presence. And listening. And observance. And awareness. And recognition. And openness. And more openness. Openness to the unknown. Openness to the unexpected. Openness to the voice of the Spirit.

And gratitude. Let us practice gratitude for that which we receive when we are open to receiving.


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