The Prospect of Beauty

The prospect of beauty is as wonder-full as beauty itself. 

The prospect of beauty is like a thought coming into fruition; like a dream coming true. It is the awareness that something new is coming, something beloved. And the prospect of beauty is a process. It’s an anticipatory process in which one anxiously awaits the goodness of that which is to come.

Is this process not wonder-full in itself?

Because what really is wonder but creative thoughts of what may be? And anticipation is full of such thoughts; that is, if we allow them.

And so we must ask ourselves: how do we wonder? And when? Do we allow ourselves time to journey through thoughts, to let our minds wander? Do we allow unanticipated  questions to arise? Questions coming from our curiosity about the world? Questions that deepen our appreciation for the mysteries of the world? And do we give these questions ample time in our mind or quickly shoo them away?


What is it, then, that we await? Like a spring bud bursting at its seams, ready to bloom into a flower, what prospect of beauty sits in our hearts? Does this prospect, this to-be thing, find itself entangled in our thoughts? Do we allow space to wonder about what it could be? Do we think like a child? With wide eyes full of curiosity and a heart full of desire? Of hope?

Oh, how magnificent the prospect of beauty could be! It’s just as wonder-full as beauty itself. And we’re just as full of wonder at it all.


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