Heaviest Burdens

Our weather has been strange this year. It keeps freezing and then thawing, indecisive I suppose about what season we’re in. On one of the last frozen days I ventured down to the Lake where I found the waves crashing against the shore with the sort of height and strength that would be perfect for a surfer (if only the water were warmer). Yet on the shore, long icicles held steady to the trees. The waves crashed over the low branches, drenching the icicles once more, adding substance to their structure causing them to begin dripping; because of the loose water unable to transform so quickly into the icicle or difference in temperature I’m not sure.

But the trees held on. Amidst the rushing water and the heavy weight of the cling-on icicles, the branches stretched out strong.

And watching this, I thought about humanity. What is it that we each carry, that is a burden to each one of us, that grows in the freezing season, that leaves us no rest from its weight, and that threatens to break us?

Oh Brother Tree, teach us: how is it that you carry such weight from the Wind and the Waves without falling apart yourself?


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